About Us


Kinsale Capital Partners LLC provides advisory and financing services to middle market companies. We work with our clients to develop strategies which drive significant improvements in their businesses. We are practical strategists - trying to avoid over-complicated solutions, and instead focusing on strategies that drive the greatest results with the least execution difficulty.

Our firm will also deploy its own capital along with that of our equity partners to invest in, or acquire middle market companies.

Our service proposition is founded on the following core principles:

Client Focus

We are focused on our client's needs and dedicated to building lasting, long-term relationships. We operate with the highest level of integrity, understanding that our reputations are on the line with each transaction.


Kinsale Capital Partners has a full range of competencies including entrepreneurial experience and transaction strategy development and execution.  We have executed dozens of mergers and acquisitions, private equity placements, restructurings and other equity transactions, as both principals and advisors.

Senior-Level Attention

We provide clients with hands-on, senior-level attention during every aspect of our engagement. It is our belief that senior-level involvement ensures that each stage of a transaction benefits from the seasoned judgment of our principals. 

Industry Knowledge

We offer professional expertise across a broad range of industries including business and consumer services, industrial and manufacturing, distribution, and real estate.  Our executives are competent not only in business, but also in law, accounting, banking, and finance.

International Reach

We unite our knowledge and experience of middle market industry to a global platform.  Our presence in the world market allows us to establish strong relationships with China, Europe, and South America.


Our principals have experience operating, buying, selling and advising middle market companies across a broad range of industries.  This experience provides us with valuable insight into strategy, operations, marketing and management, which we draw on when advising clients.  We understand the needs and challenges facing middle market companies. Our skills make us uniquely qualified to serve as both advisors and investors. 

Acquisitions, Investments, and Private Placements

We provide the full range of acquisition advisory services for middle market businesses, including management-led leveraged buyouts, targeted acquisition services, and distressed investment advice. 

Kinsale Capital Partners will deploy its own capital along with that of its equity partners to make investments in and/or acquire middle market businesses.

Kinsale Capital has knowledge and experience in raising private capital; including bridge financing.

Corporate Finance / Strategic Advisory 

We specialize in creative finance solutions, including the evaluation of strategic alternatives and capital structures.

Kinsale Capital Partners has successfully disposed of businesses, running a thorough and efficient sale process, providing senior level attention at all stages of a transaction. 

We understand that each client situation is unique and requires a tailored approach to maximize shareholder value and achieve a successful outcome.  

Special Situations 

Kinsale Capital Partners provides merger and acquisition, recapitalization and restructuring advisory services to middle market companies experiencing financial difficulties. 

Our professionals have advised both debtors and creditors in the restructuring of overleveraged or underperforming companies, utilizing creativity at every step. We can provide management expertise, access to restructuring capital, or we can run an efficient sale process.