Kinsale Capital Partners is a Relationship Based Merchant Bank focused on providing Equity Solutions to middle market companies located in the U.S., Eastern China and parts of Western Europe and South America.

Kinsale invests its own capital, along with co-investment capital provided by Kinsale's proprietary network of co-investors, in situations requiring short to medium term equity capital support and which meet Kinsale's underwriting criteria.

Rather than limiting its investment focus to a few specific industries, Kinsale focuses on investment situations having one or more of the following critical investment characteristics:

  • The capital need is for growth, restructuring, ownership transition or special situations
  • The Company serves a market that is growing, or the Company's share of the market is growing, and the Company's market niche or the Company's market penetration is well-established
  • The Company has an established and growing customer base
  • The Company has assets (which could be financial, tangible or intangible) that are significantly undervalued or underperforming
  • The Company's product or services are based on technologies which are well established and for which there is meaningful demand and additional value can be created through operational improvements or efficiencies

In addition to meeting one or more of the foregoing critical investment characteristics, Kinsale requires that all of the following underwriting criteria are met:

  • Kinsale, together with its Advisory Team, must have knowledge, experience or special insight into the industry or market in which the Company competes such that Kinsale will be positioned to add value as well as capital into the Company
  • The Company must have an effective and proven Management Team, or have agreed to accept a new Management Team approved by Kinsale, capable of preparing and executing a Long Term Strategy Plan
  • Kinsale and the Company shall have agreed on a short term and medium term Action Plan consistent with the Long Term Strategy Plan
  • The Company has in place, or is willing to commit to, strict financial controls, comprehensive financial reporting on a regular basis, transparency and good governance practices
  • Our Team and Advisory Board collectively have Long Term Relationships across a wide range of industries, with People we Know, Respect, and Trust. 
  • These relationships are the source of deal flow, industry knowledge and co-investment capital.

We operate in a number of ways:

  • We Acquire Businesses in conjunction with our Investor Partners
  • We Provide Capital, through Private Placements, or partnering with the appropriate Investor.
  • We bring Management or Industry Expertise when the situation warrants.
  • We provide Advice and Creativity...and we Stay Involved, to Avoid Future Problems and Build Value

Kinsale provides Senior Level Attention, Honesty, Transparency and Integrity.